Thursday, November 19, 2015


Basic- $5 Rug, Wallpaper, Mirror

A Step Up- $7 Rug, Wallpaper, Mirror and your choice of a: White Board or a Bulletin Board or a Calendar

Le Chic Locker- $10 Rug, Wallpaper, Mirror, White Board, and your choice of Bulletin Board or a Pen/Candy Cup

Extreme- $13 Rug, Wallpaper, Mirror, White Board, Pen/Candy Cup (filled), and your choice of either a calendar or a bulletin board

Super Extreme- $15 Rug, wallpaper, mirror, whiteboard, pen/candy cup (filled), bulletin board, a calendar and a surprise (based on your gender, interests and your preferences) 

Bulletin Board
Pen/Candy Cup (fill it for only $1 more)
Mini Basket
Mini Bin
Picture Frame
Almost Anything

              Holiday Features
Decor fit for the upcoming/current holiday
           $1 per decoration

           Birthday Deals
 Do you know someone (or yourself) that is having a birthday?
 Order them a locker makeover and we will
 throw in a FREE surprise!!! 

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